Pandion Live

28.08.2018 - 16:54

Instead of stopping deforestation, let's reverse it

Can we end deforestation once and for all? Here’s why we all need to get behind the Trillion Trees Vision.

LÆS RESTEN PÅ BirdLife International
24.08.2018 - 16:27

Kambui Hills Forest: the reserve run by a whole community

How do we foster a society where humans live in harmony with rainforests? By making sure everyone has a say in how their forest is managed and protected. In Sierra Leone, the Jensen Project is enabling local people to do just that.

LÆS RESTEN PÅ BirdLife International
15.06.2018 - 01:10

Bird-friendly beef showcased by Hilton Hotels

Just six months after making its debut in Europe, bird-friendly beef is making a splash across the continent. This April, it was showcased at Hilton Hotels Food and Beverage Conference: an event organized to promote quality foods to hotel and restaurant chefs from across Europe.

LÆS RESTEN PÅ BirdLife International
13.06.2018 - 15:44

The top five threats to birds may surprise you

Sometimes it’s easy to see what’s harming birds – especially if it’s in your backyard. The cat with a bird between its teeth, or the tragic pile of feathers by the side of the motorway. But the bigger threats are less visual, and less direct.

LÆS RESTEN PÅ BirdLife International